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August 16, 2004 Issue

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  • Editorial

    Postcards From Boston

    Little Richard and the Dems

    The Nation

  • Good Show

    Why we’re all TV critics now.

    William Greider

  • Letter From Ground Zero

    “During the Vietnam War, many young men, including the current President, the Vice President and me, could have gone to Vietnam and didn’t. John Kerry came from a privileged background.

    Jonathan Schell

  • Time’s Up

    It’s been four years since the International AIDS Conference was first held in the developing world, in Durban, South Africa, and activists’ demand for universal treatment access was catapulted o

    Esther Kaplan

  • The 9/11 Report

    While George W. Bush has been President, we’ve had two of the biggest intelligence screw-ups in US history.

    David Corn

  • A Social Occasion

    When organizers were planning the Boston Social Forum, they envisioned a gathering that would counter the Democratic National Convention in every way.

    Jennifer C. Berkshire

  • The Real Story in Boston

    Everyone agrees. The story is that there is no story. The candidates have already been chosen. The platform has been written to avoid controversy.

    Victor Navasky

  • Counting Every Vote

    The Democratic platform approved this week by convention delegates in Boston contains strong language regarding the party’s commitment to protect the right of Americans to vote–and have their vo

    The Editors

  • Books & the Arts

    What Are They Reading?

    I could hardly believe it when I heard Jane Jacobs was still alive and that she had written a new book, Dark Age Ahead, at the age of 88.

    Ben Adler

  • Shadows and Smog

    I paid to see Will Smith fight legions of robots, and what I got was a trip back to Wabash Street.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Holy Water

    Walden Pond is America’s environmental holy land, the naturalist’s sacred site and Concord’s local swimming pool.

    Jane Holtz Kay

  • Latin America’s Longest War

    In May, Jan Egeland, the United Nations Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs, called a news conference in New York to declare publicly what he had been warning people about for some time: that

    Peter Canby

  • He’s the (Any)One

    Can someone win the presidency entirely on the basis of a negative asset?

    Alexander Cockburn
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