Jane Holtz Kay

Architecture Critic

Jane Holtz Kay ([email protected]), The Nation's architecture critic and author of Asphalt Nation and Lost Boston, is currently writing Last Chance Landscape: Taking the Earth in for Repairs.

Holy Water Holy Water

Walden Pond is America's environmental holy land, the naturalist's sacred site and Concord's local swimming pool.

Jul 29, 2004 / Books & the Arts / Jane Holtz Kay

Apocalypse Now? Apocalypse Now?

Judgment Day is everyday with Mike Davis.

Dec 17, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Jane Holtz Kay

Ecobuilding’s New Mortar Ecobuilding’s New Mortar

The marching order to "leave nothing but footprints" enlisted an infantry of green builders this season, before our collective attention turned to security. While our man from th...

Oct 11, 2001 / Books & the Arts / Jane Holtz Kay

Earth in the Balance Earth in the Balance

Anonymous is a landscape architect. Not for these placemakers the recognition given to their peers in building. Planners may stand side by side with mayors boasting of some grand...

Jan 27, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Jane Holtz Kay