Peter Sacks

Peter Sacks ( is an author and essayist who writes frequently about education. His latest book is Standardized Minds: The High Price of America’s Testing Culture and What We Can Do to Change It (Perseus).

Class Struggle Class Struggle

In a nation that nominally eschews class distinctions as unbefitting our supposed classlessness, whose elected officials decry any protest over government largesse to the rich ...

Apr 17, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Peter Sacks

A Nation at Risk A Nation at Risk

A year ago Congress overwhelmingly approved George W.

Oct 31, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Peter Sacks

Letters Letters

MORE FUN THAN A BARREL OF... Princeton, NJ In an accurate review of Jonathan Marks's loosely argued What It Means to Be 98% Chimpanzee, Micaela di Leonardo ...

Aug 29, 2002 / Letters / Micaela di Leonardo, Peter Sacks, Peter Singer, and Rebecca Zwick

Testing Times in Higher Ed Testing Times in Higher Ed

The SAT has been on the ropes lately. The University of California system has threatened to quit using the test for its freshman admissions, arguing that the exam has done more ha...

Jun 6, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Peter Sacks

SAT–A Failing Test SAT–A Failing Test

Educators have long known the rap sheet on the SAT, the college entrance exam that millions of young people have taken as a rite of passage for some seventy-five years. Since its ...

Mar 15, 2001 / Editorial / Peter Sacks