Doug Henwood

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Doug Henwood is a contributing editor at The Nation and the host of Behind the News, a weekly radio show that originates on KPFA, Berkeley, which enjoys a vigorous afterlife as a podcast.

Steeling for 2004 Steeling for 2004

The unilateralist regime had met its match, at least on one issue.

Dec 11, 2003 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Beyond Globophobia Beyond Globophobia

Instead of blaming globalization for our economic ills, why not take it over?

Nov 13, 2003 / Feature / Doug Henwood

Collapse in CancĂșn Collapse in CancĂșn

The movement against corporate globalization has made impressive strides. Now it needs to think carefully about what it stands for.

Oct 10, 2003 / Feature / Doug Henwood

Partying on the Right Partying on the Right

We all had our youthful indiscretions that haunt or amuse us for the rest of our lives. Mine was conservatism.

Feb 6, 2003 / Feature / Doug Henwood

What Are They Reading? What Are They Reading?

Secret societies are manna for conspiracy theorists, and few are more secret or more conspiracy-nourishing than Yale's Skull and Bones.

Dec 3, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Doug Henwood

Steeling Elections Steeling Elections

In early March, the Bush Administration adopted a policy that the steel industry as well as the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) have long been agitating for--tariffs on stee...

Mar 21, 2002 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Listening In on the WEF Listening In on the WEF

As January turned into February, the most important people in the world gathered themselves together in midtown Manhattan for the annual World Economic Forum. Normally held in Da...

Feb 14, 2002 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Terrorism and Globalization Terrorism and Globalization

Although the timing was off, a conference on globalism connects the dots between its subject and terrorism.

Nov 21, 2001 / Feature / Doug Henwood

The Nation Indicators The Nation Indicators

Click here to read "Wealth Report," the latest installment of Doug Henwood's quarterly Nation column "Indicators" in PDF format. Acrobat Reader required.

Mar 22, 2001 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Letters Letters

THE SUITES & THE SWEATS New York City In "Economists vs. Students" [Feb. 12], Liza Featherstone and Doug Henwood cheer on students who demand tha...

Feb 15, 2001 / Letters / Doug Henwood, Liza Featherstone, Gene Santoro, and Our Readers