Doug Henwood

Contributing Editor


Doug Henwood is a contributing editor at The Nation and the host of Behind the News, a weekly radio show that originates on KPFA, Berkeley, which enjoys a vigorous afterlife as a podcast.

The Stuff of Heartbreak The Stuff of Heartbreak

When an ardently progressive magazine sponsors a cruise through the fragile waters off the coast of Alaska, the environmental, economic and human realities are ripe for contemplati...

Aug 2, 2007 / Books & the Arts / Doug Henwood

Blackstone’s Bell Blackstone’s Bell

Is the private equity boom about to go bust?

Jun 27, 2007 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Cooler Elites Cooler Elites

Can the ruling classes save the world from global warming?

Apr 19, 2007 / Feature / Doug Henwood

Leaking Bubble Leaking Bubble

The US housing market has been responsible for about half the economy's recent growth, but increasing dependence on home-equity credit could create a financial disaster.

Mar 12, 2006 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Letters Letters


Nov 10, 2005 / Letters / Eric Alterman, Doug Henwood, Sasha Abramsky, and Our Readers

Bono Meets Dr. Shock Bono Meets Dr. Shock

It's easy to scoff at a rock star like Bono pairing up with economist Jeffrey Sachs. But their tireless lobbying for debt relief for the poorest nations could make a real differenc...

Oct 13, 2005 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Chinese Shark Attack! Chinese Shark Attack!

China panic can be found at the progressive end of the spectrum.

Jul 12, 2005 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

The Dollar’s Doldrums The Dollar’s Doldrums

Pity the once-mighty greenback.

Apr 28, 2005 / Editorial / Doug Henwood

Marriage Indicators Marriage Indicators

Jun 17, 2004 / Feature / Doug Henwood

Free Martha! Free Martha!

Why Martha Stewart should be found innocent.

Jan 20, 2004 / Feature / Doug Henwood