From the jump, the Republican National Convention, unsurprisingly, has been an unrelenting tsunami of hate, fearmongering, and, most of all, lies. The Republicans have doubled down on their fall 2020 campaign strategy: Go hard on the economy and try to trick voters into believing Trump has improved rather than destroyed it. Republicans completed the final step in the complete transfer of power over the Republican Party to Trump when the party decided not to adopt a new platform, making it ever more clear—seriously, how much more clear can it be?—that theirs is a party of extremists that elevates conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, anti-suffragists, and all-around monsters—and this is their convention. So it’s unsurprising that as protests responding to the police shooting of Jacob Blake rage, the Republican convention has been using Black people to convince white people it’s OK to vote for a bigot. The takeaway is painfully evident: They are tearing this country apart.

To wrap up this nightmarish week, we’re joined by The Nation’s national affairs correspondents, Joan Walsh, John Nichols, and Jeet Heer; our justice correspondent, Elie Mystal; our columnist Katha Pollitt; and our editor D.D. Guttenplan. Log on at 8:30 EDT tonight for commentary, quips, and analysis—and most of all, a sense of solidarity. You’re not in the fight alone.

—Anna Hiatt, executive digital editor