Welcome to the new TheNation.com!

Things look a lot different today. We’ve redesigned our website and are launching several new features. Our new site offers readers a vastly improved user experience.  Here are some changes you should know about:

• You’ll find a cleaner font, simple navigation with a consistent universal header and better site search functionality.  

• You’ll still find our latest reporting and analysis on the homepage, but new “sections” bring you straight to the news you’re looking for—Politics, World, Books & Arts, Economy, Environment, Activism and Society. We’ve also added special sections for students and for our supporters, the Nation Associates.

• By popular demand, we’re offering enhanced sharing tools throughout the site. We’ve also integrated Twitter feeds into article pages, so you can follow a story at TheNation.com and Twitter simultaneously, in one place.

• A new multimedia section offers regular slideshows, videos, podcasts and highlights from Nation events, and multimedia content is now featured on almost every page.

• Looking for the current issue of the print magazine? Simply click the cover image in the universal header, accessible from every page.

• We offer a better experience for our growing number of mobile users, who will now view pages optimized for mobile browsing. And we just launched an iPhone/iPad app, which you can find on iTunes.

• We’re launching two new blogs: Greg Mitchell’s Media Fix, which tracks the best and worst in political media throughout the day; and a blog by Jeremy Scahill covering national security and ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

• If you need help logging in, or with any other feature, head over to our expanded Help page.

We’ve also improved the tools we offer our readers to discuss articles and take political action. You’ll find a brand new Community section that highlights the stories our readers recommend, features our most thoughtful reader comments and letters, hosts our daily poll and publishes reader opinions. And soon we’ll roll out a feature that empowers community members to initiate their own action campaigns through TheNation.com. 

The redesign is part of a comprehensive, eighteen-month project to improve The Nation’s website and other digital products. Led by our strategic product design consultants at The Osder Group, this effort is vital to The Nation’s future. As the practice of journalism changes, we’re changing with it—and though we’re the country’s oldest news weekly, we’re quickly embracing innovation and new platforms. Our new site is built on Drupal, an open-source technology that is more consistent with our politics and enables us to offer functionality that few other news organizations can deliver. Our developer is Phase2 Technology, the firm that recently redesigned WhiteHouse.gov. Learn more about our choice to switch to Drupal here.

Tell us what you think! Send us your feedback at [email protected], and tell your friends that TheNation.com is offering something new. Share your favorite features on Twitter using the hashtag #NewNationSite. You can also view a slideshow of the fifteen biggest stories we’ve produced at TheNation.com.

Thanks for being part of The Nation’s community.