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Noose York

Read Lemon Andersen's Noose York and share your own poetry in our comments section. 

Watch the State of the Union with The Nation!
President Obama

On Tuesday, February 12, at 9 PM, join Nation writers and editors for live fact-checking and analysis during the President's 2013 State of the Union address.

Watch the Foreign Policy Presidential Debate with The Nation!

This Monday, October 22, at 9 pm join Nation writers and readers for live fact-checking and analysis during the foreign policy presidential debate.

Watch the Presidential Debate with The Nation!

During the second presidential debate this Tuesday, October 16th at 9 PM, The Nation's George Zornick, Bryce Covert, Laura Flanders and Richard Kim will be online with live fact checking and analysis. 

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Join us on Thursday, October 11, at 9 pm as Nation writers, editors and readers provide live fact checking and commentary during the Vice Presidential debate. 

Who Is Buying the Election?

On Thursday, September 27th, at 3 PM, join Nation contributors George Zornick and Lee Fang, as well as Evan MacKinder of OpenSecrets.org, for a live video chat on money in the 2012 election.

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My husband survived the Dust Bowl Days in Kansas and he says that what is happening today reminds him of the beginning of those days ... The dust storms we have seen on television in Arizona are very reminiscent of those terrible storms that hit Kansas. As a former farmer is deeply concerned as am I that humans are damaging our environment beyond redemption.
— abby0802
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Dust Bowl Blues

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