What’s Going On?

Today, two-thirds of retirees depend on Social Security to survive. As employers continue phasing out traditional pensions in favor of a do-it-yourself retirement savings model, protecting Social Security—the only guaranteed source of income in retirement— has become even more critical.

What Can I Do?

On July 13, the White House will hold its once-a-decade White House Conference on Aging and we’re taking advantage of this singular opportunity to push for expansion of this vital program. Stand with The Nation and 17 social-justice organizations to tell the conference: we must protect and expand Social Security benefits for millions of Americans.

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The Nation has a long history of defending social security against politicians on both sides who have tried to undermine this critical program. Back in February, William Greider shed light on the media’s failure to cover the GOP’s plan to cut Social Security benefits for disabled people. And in 2013, the editors responded to President Obama’s proposed cuts by asserting that the conventional wisdom that called for cutting the program was wrong: “The crisis we face isn’t that Social Security benefits are too generous” they wrote, “it is that more and more Americans lack the means for a secure retirement.”