Puzzle No. 3520

Puzzle No. 3520


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 1 Coordinate pretty nice permutation (1-9)

 6 Crow in second-rate newspaper (4)

10 Mythical creature’s simple garment, worn without the front bits (7)

11 One way to solve problems with blend of ale and 6 (7)

12 Hang around with mother, taking in Oklahoma’s first landmark of civil engineering (6,3)

14 Outspoken division of business cruises (5)

15 Went back into the sea (4)

17 Sweden confused Doris for 24 hours (9)

20 In blunder, we arranged bra and panties (9)

22 Similar to a word whose noun usage has taken off thanks to social media (4)

25 Lift out of order at entrance to hotel—it’s disgusting (5)

26 Lee faces a choice of initial letters for radio stations at religious site (6,3)

28 Consider once again what may happen when playing tag with a member of the clergy (7)

29 Candy (i.e., disguised poison) (7)

30 Mammal’s fur in the ear (4)

31 Hospital employee and boxer getting into fight with one whose questions are heard, more or less, in five Across entries (10)


 1 Teens brought up timid cover for being open about their sexuality (6)

 2 Harmful racket has upset Missouri (7)

 3 Lyric poem backing drug (ecstasy) (5)

 4 and 29 Agree with incarcerated dog? (6)

 5 Song shattered lamps (5)

 7 Professional association ousting general after Southern soldier is set up anew (7)

 8 Prosthesis (false leg) conceals revised essay (5,3)

 9 Yellowish white, for example, on the outskirts of gaseous inferno (8)

13 Napalm manufacturer’s beginning to engage in search for water (5)

16 Buy tea, mostly in a bag (8)

18 Deity, rising to snatch deity’s headgear (2-3)

19 Produce Barnum, stealing third part of quarter (3,5)

21 Rescue slandered running back (7)

23 European country raised hold on one Arab (7)

24 Motionless, prepare treats (2,4)

26 Unfairly roast ballplayer (5)

27 Love elevated a bad actor in Midwestern city (5)

29 See 4



ACROSS1 anag. 5 AUT(UM)N (tuna anag.) 8 S(H)EAR 9 RED R, ESSES
11 anag. 12 hidden 13 IN TIM I DATE
16 initial letters 18 rev.19 ERGO + NO MICS 21 anag. 23 I(SLAM)I + C
25 NORT (rev.) + H(P)OLE 26 S(U)NNI (rev.) 27 2 defs. 28 STEP-SIN

DOWN1 RESU (rev.) + S + CITATION 2 hidden 3 anag. 4 SERE + NADER 5 AD + DUP[e] 6 [f/T]-RENCH 7 MU(SSOL + I)NI (I + loss rev.) 10 letter bank 14 TH(UNDER)E + R 15 T + WO + TIMERS (anag.) 17 COAL + ESC + E 20 BOTH-ER 22 S(W)OON 24 2 defs.

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