Puzzle No. 3332

Puzzle No. 3332

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 Lo-cal filling for entourage shows civility (9)

 6 Settle in Pennsylvania? You betcha (3,2)

 9 Fish’s point of view (5)

10 Tattered rags in oil: what you might feed into a photocopier (9)

11 Skinner to take in last of launch (8)

12 Eartha dancing with soul singer (6)

14 Space creature contributes to Tokyo damage (4)

15 Curt holds on to hat following Washington amusement-park ride (10)

18 Sculptor and soldier leading a reindeer—it is heading west (10)

19 Revolutionary female cook (4)

22 Say no to 18 down (6)

24 Take another look at a place to stop (4,4)

26 Proverb involving wagon and Ford model’s superiority (9)

27 Slav’s jacket, covering head of rooster… (5)

28 …otherwise covers one cow (5)

29 Attorney general goes after marijuana paraphernalia to avoid getting burned (9)


 1 Magazine for child actor? (7)

 2 Delay help? Limitless fraud is on the rise in airport (9)

 3 Jackson, found in rowboat, went yonder (6)

 4 Present wrapped in San Francisco, Geneva and Winnipeg—they’re all different (10)

 5 Give out online university in Cambridge? (4)

 6 Writing about border flower (8)

 7 What bakers need is votes for a bit of torte (5)

 8 “Father knows best,” in a way (7)

13 Extremely aristocratic teen gets unhinged when taking train (10)

16 Author lives with a mob around court (9)

17 Picking from nose one, two or three times? That’s ridiculous (8)

18 Trash boat’s prow in repair shop (7)

20 Make one look good and less shiny… (7)

21 …before company carves up plaster (6)

23 Beginning to feed group of birds as pets (5)

25 Cry out, “Gee, a snake!” (4)


ACROSS 6 anag. 8 rev. 9 anag. 11 anag. 12 [b]URGE[r] 13 LARCE (anag.) + NY 18 anag. 20 “tenner” 21 ME(L)TS 23 B + LIP 24 rev. 26 ELM[o] 27 IN + DIG + O 28 YOU + NG 29 COD + A

DOWN 1 V(IOL)ET (oil anag.) 2 I(R)MA (am I? rev.) 3 hidden 4 “blew” 5 2 defs. 6 A + IRS 7 MAG + NET 10 N + EON 14 C(HOPI)N 15 YELL + OW 16 AN + IMUS 17 O + RAN + GE 19 RELI(C)T (tiler rev.) 21 M + EDIC (anag.) 22 S + TEAM 23 BE + YS 25 [r]IGOR

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