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August 18-25, 2014 Issue

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Snapshot: A Suffocating Silence

“I can’t breathe!” were among the last words of Eric Garner, a Staten Island father of six. On July 17, Garner was choked by police arresting him for selling untaxed cigarettes. The city insists it’s out to stop racist policing, but as Mychal Denzel Smith notes at, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton doesn’t believe “race was a factor.” Read More




Drugs: equal opportunity destroyer… St. Nick to the rescue!… rape on campus… the left and the NRA… climate justice, Texas style… Joyce: a class by himself… a picture = 1,000 words


Books & the Arts

Little Boxes

Micro-apartments have become trendy in planning circles, but their austerity is just another limit on the aspirations of the poor.

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