1  Sob convulsed Leo, upset by aroma on the way out. (11)

9  Spirit proves to exist, I hear, by a river in Mexico (4)

10  Happening that’s not at all odd and ends with tea, one hears. (5)

11  Look in the small projectile for an amorphous form. (4)

12  Stars fell when these came in, proving casual alcoholics after a short time. (7)

13  A resting place for curmudgeons, or just a description of bad writing? (7)

15  In glasses, sorbet for the tax man! (8)

16  Old-fashioned cool dude seen in PC atelier. (6)

18  Barters bad treads? (6)

21  Janitor dude is secretly a reporter. (8)

24  Mixed-up Molly, missing the start of lesson, takes a snapshot of the international amateur competition. (7)

26  Folded rain mat from the Red Planet. (7)

28  Broken-down, worn-out old horses could mean a hold-up in plans. (4)

29  Lately this is a replacement for problem, but it might be what you’re holding! (5)

30  You may find them swimming up a stream–alcohol, mostly. (4)

31  Crazy younger lads! Some find living this exhilarating! (11)


2  ”Look, Bob, lock!” he advises. “Dolt!” (9)

3  No spree, perhaps, for those who start the show. (7)

4 Never lose a point at any time! (4)

5  Old cough producer is wild arch rat! (7)

6  Sounds like a negative vote cut short rich big-shot. (5)

7  Rats go crookedly for coarsely cracked grain. (6)

8  Store in the barrio, opened by Business Opportunity District initially, closes in regressive age. (6)

14  Get over, though in a bad mood. (5)

17  Was Long John Silver? (9)

19  He is the hero of the oldest song in his country, alternatively rising to come down! (6)

20  Accidentally wins pig–which amounts to stealing! (7)

22  A letup, a rearrangement to reach a stable level. (7)

23  Caught in trap at Hyderabad, this is what you feel when you couldn’t care less. (6)

25  Mother pockets a grand for hot underground stuff. (5)

27  Emperor in St. Petersburg, or deranged star? (4)