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November 30, 2009 Issue

Alexander Cockburn on Obama’s election anniversary, Calvin Trillin on Lieberman’s public option position, Ed Morales on Puerto R…

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Charitable Capitalism

Goldman and the other big dogs of Wall Street are afflicted with the stink of greed, having harvested swollen fortunes from the calamity they caused for the rest of the country.

Outrageous Fortuño

The combination of a four-year recession, a $3.2 billion deficit and a toxic Republican-style governor has turned Puerto Rico into a political powder keg.


"Tobin Tax" on the table; Palestinian Authority in peril; predictable Islamophobia after the Fort Hood shootings.


Women Ski Jumpers Grounded

A Canadian judge allows the International Olympic Committee to trump Canadian equal rights law and keep women ski jumpers out of the Vancouver Olympics.



Green Jobs for Recovery

Clean-energy sectors, which hold the promise of being major engines of job growth, are creating opportunities for those communities hit hardest by the recession: low-income communi...

No Country for Yes Men

Notorious political pranksters the Yes Men have made a career out of impersonating henchmen from major companies, including Exxon, Dow Chemical and McDonald's--and getting away wit...

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