After a recent readers’ poll which didn’t determine but helped define the choices, Time magazine named Mark Zuckerberg its Person of the Year for 2010 for "changing how we all live our lives." (Time readers, not the most radical bunch, picked Julian Assange as the winner and had Zuckerberg ranked 10th.) Time‘s runner-ups included Assange, Hamid Karzai and Sarah Palin.

We then thought it would be interesting to conduct a Nation readers’ poll to determine the Person of the year for our own community, which we opened up last week. Unsurprisingly, Assange has a strong following and is the current front-runner, but there’s a strong faction arguing for Bernie Sanders, numerous Elizabeth Warren voters, a major contingent supporting Bradley Manning and votes for Shirley Sherrod, Joe Stiglitz, Richard Trumka and Rachel Maddow, among many others.  And, in this case, the readers will decide the winner.

So, who do you think should be The Nation readers’ choice for person of the year, and why? Please  let us know what you think; we’ll publish the results shortly after the new year.