As John wrote a few days back, William Jefferson was one of the worst Democrats in the House even before he started hiding bribes in the freezer. Now he’s a drag on his party and a disgrace to his district–which happens to represent much of storm-ravaged New Orleans.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi rightly asked Jefferson to resign from his seat on the powerful tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. Jefferson refused, writing: “I will not give up a committee assignment that is so vital to New Orleans at this crucial time for any uncertain political strategy.”

What an absurd defense. If Jefferson cared about adequately representing the residents of New Orleans, he wouldn’t have taken bribes to enrich himself and crooked politicians in Nigeria. As the government’s case against him intensifies, how can he possibly represent his constituents effectively? Isn’t helping to rebuild New Orleans enough of a full time job?

As John Maginnis, editor of the Louisiana Political Fax Weekly, told the Washington Post: “It’s not a very good reflection on the state to have your congressman accused of taking bribes at the same time Louisianans are trying to get money out of the federal government.”

Now, more than ever, New Orleans deserves better.