There is no segment of Americans more attuned to Ralph Nader’s prophetic themes than Nation readers–many of whom supported his presidential candidacy in 2000. Nader has now established the Nader 2004 Presidential Exploratory Committee. He has indicated that he will decide whether to run as an Independent–not as a Green–sometime before the end of January.

On his exploratory committee website, Nader asks friends to fill out a questionnaire advising him on whether to run again–and whether they will support him if he so chooses. He’s already heard from those progressives who opposed his candidacy in 2000 and from some who supported it then but do not now (see Micah L. Sifry, “Ralph Redux?” November 24, 2003). He has heard our views (see John Nichols, “Fleeing the Greens,” January 12/19). We have published letters both pro and con, reflecting a rough balance in the views of those moved to write us (see Exchange, “How Green Was My Tally,” January 5).

But there is probably no group more influential with Nader during this exploratory time than those who have supported him in the past but have thus far remained silent on the 2004 race. We urge such readers to accept his invitation to advise him now by completing the questionnaire at