I blamed it on my bleary eyes. After all, it was Friday 8:00am at the tail end of another long week. Was the New York Times‘s story actually reporting that, “Mr Bush’s campaign says it is raising so much money just to remain competitive with what it says is a well-financed liberal political machine.”

Whoa! This is the same President who’s going to bust all fundraising records–raising over $200 million, even with an uncontested primary race? It’s certainly true that unions, wealthy liberals, and others are pouring what resources they have into election 2004. They’ve correctly anticipated Bush’s enormous financial advantage will require an expensive response and that the stakes are extraordinarily high. And Bush’s own fundraising is a fraction of the money that will be spent on his behalf–his party will raise far more money than the Democrats and corporate-friendly investment in Bush, Inc. will make its voice heard loudly as well.

Bush as financial underdog? The only question is whether the press corps covering the presidential race will challenge this remarkable spin.


Ted Turner, Feminist?

In a talk at UN headquarters last month, Ted Turner declared, “Men should be barred from public office for 100 years. We would have a much better world.” Maybe Jane Fonda did some good after all.


Bush and Kim Jong Il Tie for Second Place

In a recent poll of 7,500 Europeans, on the eve of his state visit to Britain, George Bush tied with Kim Jong Il of North Korea as the second most dangerous threat to world peace. (Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel ranked No. 1)