We’ve Used Racial and Ethnic Profiling for Centuries, and It Hasn’t Worked Yet

Too many politicians choose to play to the lowest common denominator, pushing measures that make them sound tough but respond to no identifiable problem.

David Cole

The New Attack on ‘One Person, One Vote’

It’s been settled law for five decades—but now the Supreme Court might shoot it down.

Ari Berman
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Focus on Black Lives Matter

The Minneapolis Shootings Are the Kind of Violence Meant to Keep Black People in Their Place

Cracks in the status quo are showing, but they can’t come without backlash.

Mychal Denzel Smith

One Year Ago, Black Activists Shut Down the Bay Area’s Subway. Here’s Why They’re Still Fighting.

The Black Friday 14 shut down Bay Area Rapid Transit this time last year. They’re demanding that the charges they face be dropped.

Dani McClain

Black Lives Matter Activists Are Shot While Trump Is Busy Sharing a Neo-Nazi Graphic on Twitter

In Minneapolis, armed assailants shot up a Black Lives Matter event while police stood by. The violence is part of a pattern.

George Joseph
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Are Black Women Ready for Hillary?

In 2008, South Carolina was the epicenter of the Clinton campaign’s implosion. This year, she’s counting on black women to rally to her side.
Joan Walsh

Rock Hill, South Carolina—Picturesque Winthrop University buzzed with pride and energy on the first weekend in November, when the “First in the South Democratic Candidates Forum,” moderated by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, came to campus. State Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter buzzed too, but with a different kind of dynamism. The veteran Orangeburg… Continue Reading >

The 2016 Election

On ‘the Preponderance of the Evidence,’ Bernie Sanders Is a Democrat

With a boost from Democratic Party officials, the senator is formally approved for the first primary ballot.

John Nichols

Clinton’s Biggest Donor: ‘More Scrutiny’ for Muslims

Billionaire Haim Saban walked it back. But did he mean it?

Ali Gharib

A Wily Ted Cruz Makes His Move

Finally, a seasoned political leader is moving to the top tier of GOP primary contenders. But it’s not who the establishment was hoping for.

Joan Walsh
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