Finally, Obama Visits an American Mosque

“You fit in here,” the president told American Muslims in a rebuke to growing anti-Muslim bigotry.

Ali Gharib

Elizabeth Warren Blasts a Republican Plan to Protect White-Collar Criminals

“It’s like you can’t make this stuff up, right? The idea that the Republicans are trying to gut one of the main laws to prevent bank fraud—that’s their response to the 2008 financial crisis.”

George Zornick

The Democratic Debate Was a Case of ‘It’s Just Not Achievable’ Versus the ‘Political Revolution’

Clinton says “the numbers just don’t add up.” Sanders says America needs a new calculus.

John Nichols
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The Iowa Caucuses

Why Ted Cruz Won—and Donald Trump Lost

Trump meets his Waterloo, as Marco Rubio makes third place look like first.

Joan Walsh

Making Excuses for Trump Is Now the Fun Part of ‘Morning Joe’

While most media finally get to call Trump a loser out loud, Joe and Mika stand by their man.

Leslie Savan

A Virtual Tie in Iowa—and a Win for Sanders’s Ideas

The delegate split had Bernie Sanders celebrating and Hillary Clinton adopting ever-more populist themes.

John Nichols
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The 2016 Election

How Populists Like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

To mobilize a multiracial coalition, progressives need to demonstrate how racism hurts us all.

Ian Haney-López and Heather McGhee

Ted Cruz Announces a Terrifying New Supporter

The Texas senator is embracing a man with repeated connections to acts of anti-choice violence.

George Zornick

How the GOP Candidates Are Blocking the Vote

Ted Cruz is leading the charge, but all of them support tough new voting restrictions.

Ari Berman

Special Investigation

‘This Man Will Almost Certainly Die’

Dozens of men have died in disturbing circumstances in privatized, immigrant-only prisons. The Bureau of Prisons itself says there’s a problem. And yet the privatization scheme continues.
Seth Freed Wessler

Where Claudio Fagardo-Saucedo grew up, on the colonial streets of the Mexican city of Durango, migrating to the United States was almost a rite of passage. It was following the stream of departures from Durango in the 1980s that the lanky young man left his family and traveled north. His… Continue Reading >

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Take Action

End Abuse in Our Privatized Immigrant-Only Prisons

A recent investigation published by The Nation found that dozens of men had died in disturbing circumstances in privatized, immigrant-only prisons. Join The Nation, the ACLU, Detention Watch Network, and Grassroots Leadership in calling on the White House to end this shadow private prison system.

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