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October 13, 2008

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Vets & Their Families Speak Out

East Orange, N.J.


Framing the financial crisis as a verdict on free-market fantasies, Obama can win with a mandate to end the war and build a better economy from the bottom up.

As Karl Marx's opus marks a big birthday, capitalism seems willing to mark the occasion by dropping dead.

If Letterman and Saturday Night Live continue to cast McCain as a liar, it could have a devastating impact.

When Robert Dreyfuss attacks Obama's policies on Afghanistan, it's not helpful to the progressive cause.

The bailout package isn't a compromise: it's an appalling transfer of wealth upward. Register your protest!

We should apply FDR's principles of relief, reform and reconstruction to our current financial crisis.

With apologies to David Blaine, and none to John McCain, an ode to a political magician.

Without an energized populace, expect nothing more humane than the rescue of a failing financial system.

What do the people get from this bailout?

Here's a short list of conditions for a credible rescue plan.

This is not only the most expensive way to solve the problem. It's also the most likely to fail.

This bailout doesn't have to cost $700 billion.

Don't waste our tax money; don't pay off the perps.

We need to put restraints on Wall Street's dangerous habit of gambling with other people's money.

Rather than cap CEO pay, link compensation to the systemic risk that permeates our financial system.

Rescuing America from irresponsible Wall Street is worth at least what it costs to save the bloodied bankers.

What kind of government intervention will we have? Whom will it benefit? Ten observers on the right way to settle Wall Street's toxic debts.



Fear-mongering pundits and pols question the patriotism of lawmakers and taxpayers who oppose the bailout. They've got it all wrong.


If everyday life is hit by a deflationary wave, it will bring extreme hardship to millions.


Take a lesson from Andrew Jackson: Rely on regional banks, not Wall Street, to get money in the hands of people who need it.


Affirmative action for potential leaders of the world's most powerful country: that's what the GOP stands for now.

Now is the moment to kick neoliberalism into the grave. We won't get another moment like this in our lifetimes.

Comix Nation

The Kiss of Death?


Pushpa Kamal Dahal, newly elected Maoist Prime Minister of Nepal, provides insight into his country's political dilemmas.

A surge of first-time voters and dirty tricks by GOP operatives have mobilized citizen activists to prevent another stolen election in Ohio.

As economic turmoil continues over the proposed bailout plan, activists put pressure on Congress.

A new and growing Sunni resistance movement in Iraq could shatter the false sense of post-surge calm--and it might get Russian support.

Congresswoman Kang re-emerges on Capitol Hill in time to put her two cents in on the economic crisis. Paulson takes a knee, and Lacy Mills goes off the rez--way off.

The Supreme Court's ruling in Boumediene v. Bush affirmed prisoners' right to habeas corpus, but the government is stalling; and such delays may keep detainees imprisoned indefinitely.

If we don't reduce military spending now, the bankruptcy of the United States is inevitable. We don't have much time left.

The bailout crisis represents the Democrats' hesitant first step toward rediscovering their nerve and abandoned convictions. They are not there yet.

As the eyes of the nation are focused on the University of Mississippi for the presidential debate, The Nation archive yields insights on key events in Mississippi during the civil rights era.

The emerging compromise on the bailout is better than Paulson's original proposal, but falls far short of what needs to be done. Congress and the next president will have a lot more work to do.

The road to recovery requires more than a bailout. Americans deserve apologies from Washington and Wall Street--and a new president capable of telling the truth and leading us forward.

The Iranian president encounters members of US peace groups and religious organization.

Instead of shoveling good money after bad, Congress should push Wall Street to invest in the booming green economy.

Unions are trying to combat racism and sway undecided working-class voters toward Obama.

Palin claims she wants more accountability in Washington. So why is the McCain campaign stonewalling the Troopergate investigation?

Sarah Palin breathes new life into the religious right's vitiated political movement.

Books & the Arts


A new history celebrates the nineteenth-century roots of humanitarian intervention and glosses over their imperial pretensions.


Marilynne Robinson's new novel explores faith, loneliness and the national passion play of race.

3rd Party Article

Matthew Birkhold & Calvin Williams | The recent RNC demonstrations
reveal that activists have some work to do.

Sarah Burris | With young voter interest on the rise, how well did the parties represent young voters at the recent Republican and Democratic National Conventions?

De Nishia Yearby | Kareem Lawrence is trying to adjust to his daily life after returning wounded, and angry, from two tours of Iraq.

Speaking with the youngest legislators in the country.


From the February 21, 1948, issue.


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