David Moberg

David Moberg, a senior editor of In These Times, writes frequently for The Nation on labor issues.

Can the UAW’s Bob King Bring Auto Union Power Back? Can the UAW’s Bob King Bring Auto Union Power Back?

King’s progressive credentials are impressive, but his popularity with members will be tested as he goes up against the Big Three in tough contract talks.

Aug 1, 2011 / David Moberg

Trumka Thinks Big Trumka Thinks Big

As he mounts his run for AFL-CIO president at a moment of opportunity and peril for American workers, Richard Trumka calls for no less than a new social compact.

Jul 7, 2009 / Feature / David Moberg

One Hat for Labor? One Hat for Labor?

In the late afternoon of January 7, fourteen union leaders gathered around a big oval table in the top-floor conference room of the United Food and Commercial Workers' (UFCW) W...

Apr 29, 2009 / Feature / David Moberg

Unions, Disunited Unions, Disunited

At a time when organized labor stands a chance to make political gains, its energies are depleted by escalating conflicts within its ranks.

Feb 18, 2009 / Editorial / David Moberg

Wooing Unions for Obama Wooing Unions for Obama

Unions are trying to combat racism and sway undecided working-class voters toward Obama.

Sep 24, 2008 / Feature / David Moberg

Labor’s New Push Labor’s New Push

Meet Working America: a self-declared mass organization with a working-class base and a strategy to win.

Aug 29, 2008 / Feature / David Moberg

Obama’s Community Roots Obama’s Community Roots

Barack Obama's political vision grew out of his early experiences as a community organizer in Chicago.

Apr 3, 2007 / Feature / David Moberg

Laboring Toward Election Day Laboring Toward Election Day

Despite the split following the 2004 election, labor groups are gearing up for the November elections like never before.

Oct 12, 2006 / Feature / David Moberg

Dueling Over Delphi Dueling Over Delphi

When Delphi declared bankruptcy, cutting workers' wages, pensions and healthcare, auto unions in Indiana drew the line. Now they are prepared to strike or take work-to-rule actions...

Mar 16, 2006 / Feature / David Moberg

Human Rights at Work Human Rights at Work

Labor issues involve not only economic rights, but also human rights, in the US, but especially in nations around the world where the right of free speech and assembly is not a giv...

Dec 8, 2005 / Editorial / David Moberg