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Evan Eisenberg

Evan Eisenberg is the author of The Ecology of Eden (Knopf, Vintage) and of The Recording Angel, which was recently reissued in an expanded edition by Yale University Press. His articles, essays, and humor have appeared in The New Yorker, Time, The Atlantic, The New Republic, Slate, the New York Times, and numerous other periodicals. For a brief interval during the twentieth century he was a music columnist for The Nation.

  • HumorSeptember 26, 2008

    Ode to John McCain, Political Magician

    With apologies to David Blaine, and none to John McCain, an ode to a political magician.

    Evan Eisenberg

  • HumorNovember 21, 2006

    Vulcans Triumphant: The Victory Bash

    Republicans in Congress have set aside $20 million for a gala in Washington to celebrate victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. The party may be postponed for a while, but the program has been drafted–and we’ve got a copy.

    Evan Eisenberg

  • US Wars and Military ActionNovember 2, 2006

    The Baker Report, Leaked!

    Stay the course? Cut and run? Cut the crap? What will former Secretary of State James A. Baker III propose after the midterm elections, when the bipartisan Iraq Study Group reveals new scenarios to end the Iraq debacle?

    Evan Eisenberg

  • SocietyOctober 2, 2006

    We’ll Always Have Geneva

    The Military Comissions Act of 2006 gives the Geneva Conventions a bold, new American twist. Here’s a look at the bill’s final markup.

    Evan Eisenberg

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