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July 2, 2007

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New York City


The pseudonymous Southern California blogger accepts the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award on behalf of progressive bloggers everywhere--and invites the nation to join the party.

Edwards primps, Hillary spoofs The Sopranos and Obama Girl oozes charm. But can web campaigns turn clicks into votes?

Why would anyone trust a hedge fund?

It's time for a democratically governed Israel to grant liberal civil rights to its Arab minority.

Congress has thus far failed to hold Alberto Gonzales accountable for politicizing the Justice Department. Polite words must now give way to bold actions.

Twenty-five years after the largest antinuclear demonstration ever, the movement has dwindled. But the threat of mass destruction grows greater.

The Council of Europe and courts at home are calling the Bush Administration to account for secret torture outposts in Poland and Romania.



It's too late for the corrupt remnants of the PLO to make any credible claim of leadership, even if the US, Israel and EU throw aid dollars their way.


Corrupt college administrators have sold out students and buried them in a mountain of debt.

When guns claim lives where any middle-class child might be, America mourns. But in barrios, projects and trailer parks, it's as if the crime never happened.

Gaza is in chaos, but Israel's economy is booming as high-tech entrepreneurs scramble to meet the post-9/11 world's hunger for spy tools and containment walls.

Thanks to the potty-mouths of Bush and Cheney, we've won the right to accidentally curse on the public airwaves. Now, what about all the networks' intentional antisocial behavior?

The President's offshore approval ratings get a boost.


A close reading of L. Paul Bremer's memoir shows the President knew details about torture far earlier than he has acknowledged.

A new Iraq Moratorium effort will leverage grassroots and online activism.

Alarmist predictions of a talent shortage of high-tech workers are driving the race to the bottom.

Now that neoconservative policies have led us into disaster, it's time to give liberal internationalism a chance.

Britain's incoming prime minister inherits a country transformed almost beyond recognition.

Some of the same feminists who loved Hillary as First Lady are now fiercely opposing her bid for the White House.

Books & the Arts


A biography of Gertrude Bell investigates the woman who created Iraq out of the ruins of the Ottoman Empire.


The complex historical tensions between Sunnis and Shiites are not enough to explain the current crisis in the Middle East.

3rd Party Article

The billionaire's intentions couldn't be better, but here's how to really fix our schools from the bottom up.

Will student-initiated Darfur movements garner enough impetus to provoke tangible action by the government?

A flimsy new film treats young conservatives as victims.

Hip-hop heads committed to social justice need to examine how hip-hop has internalized patriarchy and sexism. Here's why.