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Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley is the author of the bestselling Easy Rawlins series of mysteries, the novel R.L.'s Dream, and the story collection Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned, for which he received the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award and, most recently, Life Out of Context, published by Nation Books.
He was born in Los Angeles and has been at various times in his life a potter, a computer programmer and a poet. His books have been translated into twenty languages. He lives in New York.


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I was aware not only of being hated but also of hating myself from two points of view in the same mind—a brand of self-hatred that identifies the me in you and hates you for it.

Poverty and charity are two evils; charity is the lesser, but it is still evil.

Americans deserve a government agency charged with fostering the pursuit of happiness.

"She is our elder and our sister and our daughter. We celebrate her as we celebrate the moon: our guide through the dark, dark night."

Two years ago, Katrina shed light on a harsh truth--we are all victims of a failed government.

In praise of Harry Belafonte, on his eightieth birthday.

Voting is a privilege and a responsibility that every American bears. Allowing prisoners to vote will keep us honest.

A man can be rich, but only a nation can be wealthy. And if anyone
suffers from poverty, our whole country bears the shame.

Famine is at its worst when people waste away and die. But there is
another kind of famine: the death of the human soul--the emptiness and
senseless cynicism in this country that has taken up residence in our

It's time to transform the two-party system into something more
equitable by introducing smaller political groups based on special
interests: Consider the power of a black voting bloc led by young