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Stephen Gillers

Stephen Gillers teaches legal ethics at New York University
School of Law.


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Should we give him a second chance? Yes—with skepticism and with hope.

A few simple rules could curtail the political favors that speaker Sheldon Silver is accused of making for profit.

US attorney Preet Bharara has warned the governor that he could be investigated for obstruction of justice.

How could two really smart government lawyers authorize torture in arguments that have no foundation in law?

The time has come to clear the records of two women convicted of obscenity for publishing excerpts from Joyce's Ulysses.

In a news brief from the future, Bush continues to do whatever it takes to protect us from terror.

Harriet Miers's slender public record makes it imperative that her
advice the president on personal, executive and constitutional matters
be fully disclosed to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

After weeks of critical editorials, embarrassing cartoons and late-night talk-show jokes, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia issued a twenty-one-page memorandum on March 18 to explain why his J

The presidential election is sixteen months away, but candidates are already fanning out across the land, garnering dollars and media exposure.