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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, a member of the Senate Democratic Caucus, is the longest-serving Independent in US Congressional history.


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Read the full text of Senator Bernie Sanders's statement to Congress on the balancing the budget.

A White House deficit commission is reportedly considering deep benefit cuts for Social Security. We can and must address our deficit without punishing America’s workers, senior citizens, the disabled, widows and orphans.

While the middle class disappears and more Americans fall into poverty, the wealthiest people in our country are using their wealth and political power to protect their privileged status at everyone else's expense.

Democrats have tried to act "bipartisan" while Republicans got obstructionist, and the Dems are paying for it.

Any Wall Street bailout must also impose tax increases for the wealthy, market reforms and address the needs of middle class Americans caught in the crunch.

The technology exists to solve environmental problems and improve our standard of living.

Preserve our nation's core democratic principles by introducing
significant reforms to the Patriot Act.

This past November, along with six other members of the US Congress, I visited Mexico on a Teamsters-sponsored trip in order to assess what NAFTA has done to Mexico.

The United States has a $6 trillion national debt, a growing deficit and is borrowing money from the Social Security Trust Fund in order to fund government services.We can no longer afford to pro