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A few years ago John Negroponte was sent to Iraq as some sort of special ambassador. I read a few articles that described his involvement in preparing these death squads. Mr. Negroponte (the current encarnation of Darth Vader?) was also involved in the creation of the death squads that brought so much pain, terror, injustice and oppression in Central and South America. I call for Mr John Negroponte to testify in front of our Congress about his participation in this whole affair, as the dark servant of an Empire that spans Democratic and Republican politicians. As far as I know, he's still a fatihful active servant.

George Caneda

Staten Island, NY

Jun 9 2009 - 4:48pm

Web Letter

Re "Fedayeen Maliki," ISOF dark side: Didn't the 2007 Jones Commission report recommend restoring the Iraq Special Operations Forces to the chain of command, removing them from Maliki's direct control? Linda Robinson focussed some on that in her "surge" book.

The 5,000 operators reported exceeds the size of our own Ranger regiment. If they are of that quality, as the Nation/Bauer article indicates, a single company of ISOF could blow thru any battalion in the ISF.

JSOC's Gen. Trombitas's vision of an international coalition of US-trained secret armies isn't what I had in mind when I voted for Obama. It's way too close to Ollie North and Bill Casey's vision of a self-perpetuating, unregulated "School of the Americas meets Blackwater Inc."

My army answers to Congress; anything else operates without legal authority to wield deadly force.

David Wagner

Oceanside, CA

Jun 7 2009 - 8:08pm

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