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Access Blocked to Bradley Manning’s Hearing

Wake up, idiots

Whenever a human is denied rights in the United States of America, it is treated as a one-time event. Two activists are denied their right to fly as passengers on a plane, or Bradley Manning’s trial which may lead to a death sentence “is a farce” according to those sympathetic to Manning. The commentaries at the bottom go straight from any one specific case as the above to general threats in one sentence. The disgust is voiced as personal, the threats come from a presumed “we”. Can anyone tell me exactly who these “we” are?

Are they perhaps the people who see a little unfairness in the treatment of those who break certain laws that they don’t think should be laws? Are they the people who think there is something a tad wrong perhaps with their taxes being spent on golden parachutes for those who have created a new wave of homelessness for those who haven’t even a cushion to land on? Perhaps, hmm, yes, I can see how these things may be a bit perturbing. Tell me, O righteously infuriated masses; have you ever heard of Noam Chomsky? And if you did, did you then find someone to explain it all to you?

It is like this; those in power in the world order believe they are in such a position by Divine Right. They are better than you. They have a better right to determine what you can do and when and who with than you ever will. One of the single most fundamental ways in which you prove them right is how easily you are duped and distracted.

Bradley Manning’s impending death or lifetime incarceration (I’m not certain how much difference it makes to any of you cause-chasers) is neither equal to in scale or different from in principle than having someone’s name on a watch list, having your e-mails read by the government or having every member of your family blown to smithereens because someone living in your country might someday, without any viable means of delivering violence upon you, manage to do just that. Do you miss the message because of the subtle way in which it is delivered? Is there some nuance in the manner in which George H.W. Bush says “What we say goes” that you fail to grasp?

The murder of Fred Hampton, former leader of the Black Panthers was accomplished by a joint effort between the Chicago police and the FBI. The embargo foisted upon Cuba since Castro took power is illegal and would be deemed an act of terrorism if done by any country other than yours. In the first Gulf War, the first president Bush came up with one of history’s most embarassing excuses for having targeted hospitals with smart bombs. In the 1960s and ’70s you carpet bombed a landmass of humans that had no military capacity to extend beyond their own borders. In both these cases the indigenous people were the targets, as they are the targets of the death squads of Central and South America. These same death squads whose officers come to the United States to obtain degrees in American universities after undergoing training in torure techniques. You think Guantánamo was a new thing? You think that the US government and CIA, long involved in securing weapons of mass destruction for Saddam Hussein had any doubts as to what he did and didn’t have, yet needed to forge belief in a forged document because they knew they had been destroyed? Wake up, you idiots! None of these are one-time events. It is part of an overall pattern to keep you down, and down you will stay until you realise that Bradley Manning, Saddam Hussein, the Viet Cong and Fidel Castro are not the enemy.

We all are.

Michael Freed

Montréal, Québec

Jan 4 2012 - 11:21pm

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