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Why are conservatives so angry about soccer?

I don't understand why the right is so angry about soccer. Is it because we are not the world's dominant practitioners? Is it that simple? Or are they just natural isolationists? If they don't like the game, why not just not watch and shut up? I happen to think golf and baseball is boring but I don't go around making a crusade out of it. I just don't watch.

I like basketball and football and soccer. They are action-oriented sports. I used to like soccer in the old Pele days where offense was king, but every sport it seems has made defense its hallmark, much to the detriment of the spectator. But hate? What is so hateful about a sport? Or maybe the right-wingers just hate foreigners, which is pretty much the entire world. Must be pretty lonesome to hate the entire world. I used to think that American exceptionalism meant that we were a pretty special place, that we were world leaders. But it must be hard to be a world leader if you hate the whole world.

Think about it. Gordon Liddy wants us to be world leaders and yet he hates everybody in the whole world who isn't American, and come to think about it he is not very fond of many Americans either, you know, those liberal progressive types. He probably doesn't think kindly of moderates either. Or Republicans who aren't right-wingers. He doesn't seem to like hardly anybody at all, except people who agree with him on everything. Must be a new definition of exceptionalism.

Peter Calvet

Bristol, RI

Jul 8 2010 - 2:37pm