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How to turn the tables. Neve Gordon is an expert in turning tables. It is not the suicide Palestinian suicide bombers who kill. It is the Israelis who provoked them. It is not the terrorist who deliberately runs over a teacher for for the blind, a grandmother to be and a mother of an infant who is now orphaned. But wait! This Palestinian criminal did it because of Zionists. All those killed were Zionists. But exactly such heienous crimes the fence between Israel and West Bank is suposed to prevent. You cannot close a country hermetically so Gordon Heroes can kill. At the beginning of the year eight students under 16 were killed by Gordon Heroes. Neve was likely to have rejoiced. The fence has failed. The fence dramatically reduced car theft in Israel (the cars were driven to the West Bank). The fence reduced all sorts of criminal activity, including drug trafficking. It reduced illigal immigration (there are about 200,000 illegal Palestinian immigrants in Israel). The continuous incitment done by Gordon provoking Palestinians to be martyrs, radicalizing Palestinians, is radicalizing Israeli too. Gordon does not care about peace: no wonder that he equates running over innocent civilians with a buldozer and killing them to demonstration at the fence. Gordon has lost his moral foundation.

Isaac Barr

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Jul 21 2008 - 9:22pm

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