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Wow, just when I thought the fingers being pointed at one man was over, I come across your amazing article. For as dumb as you and your people call this nation's President, you sure give him a lot of credit for erroneous claims about thie Irag War. Do some research on both ends before you point your little pointer finger at Bush. And take notice that there are four more fingers pointing at you.

One day your face will be covered in mud when we do realize that everything that Bush is doing to prevent world destruction and you and your fellow Americans (used loosely of course) are trying to block everything he is doing. Those anticts will do nothing more than ensure that we fail. Thanks for that. And by the way. The American people don't feel the way you said we feel in your opening statement.

Larry Moe

Bradenton, Florida

Feb 28 2007 - 3:02pm