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Over time, economic instability and crisis will cause the masses to question their national leaders and the political direction they've embarked upon.

Over time, due to the resulting economic instability and crisis, in a mass protest against the chosen political direction embarked upon by the nationals leaders, chaos will erupt in the streets of the nation's major cities and capital, escalating into mass rioting.

This mass rioting will result in a decision to be made by the national leaders, whereupon the streets of its own capital city, through its brutal and tyrannical use of force and violence against its citizens--their responsibility for the spilling of its own people's blood--will occur.

The best-case scenario is an exhibition of the effectiveness of UN resolutions imposing economic sanctions.

Be under no illusions, that which we see occurring today on the streets of Iran is directly attributable to a dictatorial regime that has long been holding its peoples and their financial prosperity hostage, by a desire to obtain nuclear weapons.

It is now we should make stronger UN economic sanctions.

david moore

Orange, CA

Jun 23 2009 - 2:26am

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