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So one of Rahm's charges, Nancy Pelosi, wants to levy a 40 percent windfall-profits tax on the providers of high-cost health insurance plans.

If Rahm Emanuel had a brain in his head, he'd tell Pelosi to drop the 1950-era and peacetime sobriquet she uses to describe those high-cost plans: "Cadillac," and to get herself a new prop. (I suggest "F-22 Raptor.")

Then Rahm would tell Pelosi that the deal's off--if she plans to have the tax also be a tax deduction.

The arrangement Nancy Pelosi would have going for herself here is identical to the one that's been enabling her to enjoy all the fruits of a war voter without ever requiring her to turn in her antiwar vestments (so as to be unable to celebrate the sacraments).

J.E. Bernecky

Westover, PA

Oct 16 2009 - 10:04am

Web Letter

The true travesty of the Obama administration isn't its leftist politics but the fact it continues the same corporatist of the last regime while maintaining the guise of being "progressive." In most substantive ways, this regime is even more regressive than the last one. At least Bush Jr. was willing to say that one war was enough, while Obama antes up the stakes in Afghanistan in both blood and treasure.

With a chance to appointment a new Treasury Secretary we could have had some oversight of the $900 billion TARP program. Unfortunately, according to the TARP oversight commitee all efforts to stem the housing implosion seem to be as fruitless as the policies of the last Treasury Secretary, ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Paulson.

To roughly paraphrase Williams Shakespeare, "A Bush is a Bush by any other name." In judging Obama on the key issues of the economy and the war, it's hard to make the case he's different from his predecessor in any truly substantive or meaningful way.

Alex Chiu

Diamond Bar, CA

Oct 12 2009 - 7:59am

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