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Yes, the Pakistani military slides back behind a facade of democracy, which is what the current American regime wants. Here in America we have the illusion of democracy, with no really independent judicial assertiveness, and the military-industrial complex is saturated with profiteering money handlers who steer the foreign policy with our military at their beck and call.

Civilian rule is supposed to mean something beyond this absurd formula.

Jim Willingham

St. Petersburg, FL

Nov 18 2007 - 2:09pm

Web Letter

With so much political unrest in Pakistan being a crossroad between democracy and dictatorship, the US does not need to meddle in Pakistan's affairs. It's bad enough the US foreign policy sabotaged and demised Iraq. If Musharreff really is a dictator, then our President still thinks the contrary, which has resulted in a lot of distrust in the international community.

The only way the US can restore its reputation is to either impeach the Bush Administration for its unconstitutional crimes or just wait for the next democratically elected President on 1/20/2009 (if Guiliani is the next President, the US will surely go in the wrong direction).

Nicholas Rosen

Great Falls, VA

Nov 18 2007 - 1:41pm

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