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Well, they've done it. They've succeeded in stopping the SuperFerry. The ferry was actually a boon to the people of Hawaii, the opponents were definitely in the minority, as the reaction to the story on the forums of the Honolulu papers will attest. This decision will be a blow to the countless local families who have been using the ferry for trips to visit relatives, and to the countless local businesses that have been using it to transport their products between islands.

Could the EIS have been handled better? Of course. But why punish the people of Hawaii for this ?

Now more than ever in these uncertain times, we need an alternative to air travel and to the other monopolies.

And by the way, why should big giant cruise ships be allowed, and not a boat that benefits local people?

Everybody wants to "protect the environment," but the Sierra Club et al. should "choose their battles."

penny guinn

Honolulu, HI

Mar 17 2009 - 7:12pm

Web Letter

Fifteen hundred protesters on Kaua'i is hugely significant, in that it represents slightly less than 10% of the island's population!

hal muskat

Middletown , CA

Mar 4 2009 - 10:23am