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I came across this article simply by typing in "Put a stop to the meatpacking industry" on Yahoo. The title is delusive. It seems to me that many people happen to be more concerned about the workers than the animals. The conditions in which these animals are put through are abhorrent. If people only knew what actually occurs within those factories of pure heinousness, they would alter their way of living. Animals were born to live freely, not to be encaged and slaughtered and bestowed upon us on our plates. They are innocent creatures that deserve a better way of life. I think people need to come to terms with the corrupted world we live in today and have a little more input on the change we can bring about. Although there are not many articles on Yahoo on saving the animals and altering the conditions in which the animals are put under in these slaughterhouses, I'm sure one person along with others can make a difference.

Konnie Capra

Babylon, New York

Nov 23 2009 - 2:59pm