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In the final paragraph of his article, Mr. Cockburn says, "Alas, we have a booster president who...leaves more and more sensible people wondering if he has any constructive long-term strategy to lower tensions and reduce the likely prospect of savage blood-letting across the Middle East."

I find it ironic that I read his article on the same day President Obama was named the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. I do not say "awarded" because I agree with the President that the announcement was based less on his actions than on the potential for good he represents.

The "constructive long-term strategy" I urge upon the President is shown in my video, in which I propose a UN project to double the size of the Gaza Strip by a landfill extending into the Mediterranean Sea and connecting it to the West Bank via an elevated roadway to minimize the footprint on Israeli land. I also propose a landfill somewhere on the west coast of Israel to accomodate the relocation of Jewish settlers from the West Bank.

This "sensible person" has proposed such action since 2000, but has been unable to gain support for the idea from any person in a position of authority.

My effort continues.

Pickens W. Irvine

Whidbey Island, WA

Oct 10 2009 - 10:52am