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A Response to Glenn Greenwald

It's official: this piece on John Tyner is an embarrassment to The Nation

I actually read the Ames & Levine piece first, and it struck me at that first read as very poorly composed at best. Then I read Glenn Greenwald's piece in Salon. Then I reread the Nation piece again. Then I read Scahill's and Ezra Klein's comments. Then Ames & Levine's resposnse to Greenwald's concerns.The finally, Greenwald's response. I'm sorry, but these authors deserved to get hammered. Frankly, they should apologize to Tyner—the article is clearly a smear. Furthermore, Greenwald's response to the authors is both devastating and fair. It seems that they don't get it.

Ernest Fuentes

San Francisco, CA

Nov 25 2010 - 10:13pm

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