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I have heard of people who have a dartboard with Bill O'Reilly's face on it. The idea is that no matter what you hit, you can't miss. Fox bashing, Bill O'Reilly bashing is, at least in my eyes, less than honest because it misses the larger issue: Why do people in this country listen, watch, read and believe disinformation? Watching Fox and Bill is a choice, and millions make that choice every day.

It seems that the left knows it cannot tackle the bigger issue of what millions of people want to hear and see. Their response is to change Fox and, if possible, the WSJ. We are pursuing the same strategy with guns. But is it the right strategy? I do not think so. I am just as much annoyed as everyone, but I'd rather have disinformation we can monitor than disinformation we will hear about when it is too late.

Changing society from the top down seems like the best of all possible solutions. The last place that idea was given a try was in East Germany.

Hardy Rang

Somerville, NJ

May 1 2007 - 2:11pm

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