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...and the Palestinians honor and memorialize Dalal-Al Mughrabi, who, for no particular reason, shot and killed an American woman who was taking pictures of wild life and then killed many others, including children. Does The Nation think the Jews are to blame here, too? If they would just go away, the violence would end, or, alternatively, the Palestinians could concentrate on killing each other. Minding other people's business is fun, until it isn't.

marvin diamond

Evanston, IL

Mar 18 2010 - 7:48pm

Web Letter

What I've read here is that it's Neve Gordon's opinion that Israel can do no right, that it is a society without morals and should surrender to the Palestinians so the Palestinians can establish a democratic state. What a humbug of propaganda this article is. If anyone is attempting to win the narrative battle, it's Neve Gordon on behalf of Hamas.

Ron M. Linton

Washington, DC

Mar 18 2010 - 7:43pm

Web Letter

Sadly, the major media were never strong on Rachel Corrie--the New York Times, for example (Edward Rothstein, "Too Hot to Handle, Too Hot to Not Handle," March 6, 2006), weighed in on the decision not to put on the controversial My Name Is Rachel Corrie on Broadway. While courageously noting that he wanted the play to open, Rothstein was nevertheless put off by the notion that perhaps Rachel Corrie in real life was protecting the home of a Palestinian terrorist who was tunneling arms from Egypt when she stood before an Israeli Army bulldozer and was run over and killed. But in this “if wishes were horses, beggars would be riders” fantasy, we have no proof, only assertion. Rachel Corrie was trying to protect the house of a Palestinian doctor and no credible proof of tunnels under his house leading to Egypt were ever produced even by the Israeli government, who claimed that the army bulldozer driver didn’t see her standing directly in front of the plow in broad daylight, wearing a bright orange jacket.

Israel refuses to see the evil it is doing in its quest to "de-Palestinize" the region ; just as American settlers cared not a hoot when they "de-Indianized" the American continent. We can only hope for a better outcome.

Howard Kaplan

Belmont, MA

Mar 18 2010 - 5:01pm