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That the chain of command in the murder--why call it a death?--of Pat Tillman committed a series of "missteps" is a given.

That they also perpuated an ongoing criminal enterprise to coverup the details behind Tillman's death is also a given.

What about the facts that aren't listed in this article? Like burning his flak vest and clothes after Tillman's murder? Why burn such items unless a cover-up was needed immediately?Wouldn't those items be needed for an impartial investigation?

Why don't we hear about this kind of gross evidence-tampering?

By the time of this so-called friendly fire incident, Tillman was no longer the Pentagon darling. He saw the wars for what they were: shameless war mongering and profit-taking and was starting to speak this truth to the Army.

Will the Bush/Cheney Regime sink to any depth to help maintain their grip on power and keep the various wars going?

Greg Bacon

Ava, MO

Mar 28 2007 - 2:08pm

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