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Nixon was concerned about his political standing and Congress could still do something, which they did. The situation is different with the Bush Administration. They changed the rules which we was recently reflected in his statement that no one could tell him what to do "in my government."

I also remembered the act of turning away anytime they appeared, including on TV.

I think the effort is worthwhile, nonetheless. Listening to most media sources, antiwar efforts are still labeled as "radical left- wing" and marginalized. Demonstrations are covered adequately, most major musicians have got an antiwar song or album on the market as well. The popular culture has been there for some time, it just hasn't been focused into a singular message that's hard to ignore.

It's going to take a lot more this time to be heard.

Aikanae Rasmussen

Scottsdale, AZ

Jun 20 2007 - 11:51pm

Web Letter

As one of the small crew responsible for putting together the call and website for the Iraq Moratorium, I am delighted to see this fine article in print, or at least in pixels.

We have linked to it from the Iraq Moratorium website, and hope that readers will themselves visit the site and sign the pledge to take action on September 21 and in the following months...

Dennis O'Neil

New York, NY

Jun 19 2007 - 9:20am

Web Letter

If each of us were to send to our e-mail list a call to participate in the Iraq Moratorium then ask them to forward it to their e-mail list, we could create a tidal wave of opposition to this unjust war and this criminal Bush regime.

The Iraq Moratorium is an awesome way to get millions involved, even in places where few organized groups exist.

Why spend so much of our scarce resources on traveling to Washington, DC, once a year rather than building resistance on the ground locally, connected to hundreds of thousands and possibly millions, around the country?

Iraq Moratorium will be made more powerful by the ability of the Internet to reach into the farthest corners of the country. I think we will see creativity pop wide open.

Martin Eder

San Diego, CA

Jun 19 2007 - 2:24am

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