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I haved worked in the IT industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since the mid-seventies. During this time I have also been active in politics working as a volunteer first for the Conservative Party, then for Reform and its various incarnations through the Alliance back to the Conservative label.

I've met many of the figures in the current government and some of them scare me not the least because they do reflect a growing populist movement here; They genuinely see themselves as empowered by democracy to implement social conservatism.

After spending many years and alot of energy trying to promote libertarian principles from within, I finally gave up about three years ago. I stopped believing that reason would eventually triumph.

Last night I found this article and others by Chris Hedges and I began to hope again. Ironically, I found it because of a mailing from a Christian conservative friend which included this link: www.ecpcentre.org

This has energized me to re-engage with these intelligent, hard-working and utterly misguided people. Thank-you.

Susan Ann Watson

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Feb 18 2007 - 2:23pm

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