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Synthetic lubricants

"Kicking the Oil Habit" is unrealistic because lubricants are a necessity for most machinery. Nonetheless, this article failed in a more important way.

I have been using American-made synthetic lubricants for more than thirty years in my automobiles. Such lubricants are available nationwide and are an alternative and serious "green" solution to petroleum lubricants. I am a synthetic lubricants dealer, and I have sold such lubricants to friends and customers. I have registered other Americans as dealers of synthetic lubricants. Synthetic lubricants are available for all kinds of oil and grease applications. I kicked the petroleum oil "habit" years ago. The lubricants are available and dealerships are available, or products can simply be purchased.

As some readers may know, every jet and spacecraft in the universe has always used synthetic lubricants. So, if The Nation or its readers are serious, my e-mail address is offered with this sales pitch. But there is an alternative available, for those who are actually serious about "kicking the oil habit."

Gene Garman

Pittsburg, KS

Jul 15 2010 - 10:10pm

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