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Tony, I just heard you on Lou Dobbs. I couldn't believe my eyes or ears when you you said that there was no one the Christians could vote for.

Where have you been? Ron Paul stands for all Christian values. He is a Republican the way they use to be. He is doing so well on the Internet and with grassroots folks. He says the same thing and has the same values year after year and day after day. Has never flip-flopped.

I am 64 and have always voted but must say I wondered "why?" For the first time in my life I feel so excited about Ron Paul, and people that should know about him don't.

Stop listening to the crap on the mainstream news media and start going on the Internet for your news.

I thought Christians knew that Big Business and the government run the news media. I also thought that Christians knew about the New World Order. If you don't fight it then you help it.

Google a whole lot of things. Google till you are cross-eyed. I don't care, just Google.

Google for God! Thanks,

Janet P. Blazen

Benton Harbor, MI

Nov 5 2007 - 8:20pm

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