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Just wondering; you state: At times Bush has warned that Iraq could become an Al Qaeda stronghold...

Then you state: Turkey, Jordan and Iran are not going to put up with an Al Qaeda stronghold on their borders; nor would Shiite and Kurdish Iraqis.

So, Iran & Pakistan (and Turkmenistan and Tajikistan & Uzbekistan) were doing what, exactly, while Al Quada basically co-owned Afghanistan with the Taliban prior to our invasion?

Charles Wilson

Davis, CA

Apr 10 2007 - 1:02am

Web Letter

Excellent logic, and well presented.

We must end the imperial oil-war in the Middle East before it spreads.

The only 'existential threat' is to the global corporate Empire abusing the troops of the US to sustain its unsustainable oly Ponzi economy.

There is no 'existential threat' to average, honest, 'working-class' people anywhere --- the 'existential threat' is only to the elite Empire hiding behind their facade of "Vichy America".

Alan MacDonald

Sanford , Maine

Apr 9 2007 - 2:29pm