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Happy Birthday, Rupert Murdoch!

'Thanks for the first decent, straight-ahead article on the Australian cane toad of journalism'

As one who grew up in Maryland, went to University there and in Michigan, and found myself through an accident of fate in Canada since 1980, I have seen a lot, and had my head spun around by the changes in point of view. Yours is the first article recently to focus on the intentional (and possibly permanent) warping of political discourse in the United States promoted by (among others) Murdoch. I have also spent five years in England, and have seen his influence there as well, though it was primarily through print; until they changed the regulations on Sky TV (Conservative government, what else should we expect?) there was no obvious manipulation of the news, but odds are that will change. The level of malignity, of deliberate misinformation and disinformation, and the pressure brought to bear on what was once a great democracy is painful to watch. It is my hope that articles like yours will make a difference. Heaven knows my fingers are crossed for 2012. There are two stolen elections to make up for (2000, and 2004 in Ohio) and a tax system which has returned to the 1920s, or is it the teens? Best of luck,

Rob Boyter

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Mar 24 2011 - 7:34pm