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I love Peter Dreier's work. I am a fan. I also love baseball. His story about the blocking of Union MLBPA Leader Miller not getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame, however, is incomplete without more credit to Curt Flood.

Curt Flood's sacrifices as an African-American Baseball player who refused to be "traded like a slave" paved the way for free agency which created the great wealth ball players enjoy today. WHile no player supported Flood at the time, Miller did give more support than others.

WHile Miller was most likely Flood's best friend in Baseball, FLood sacrificed alone in Europe as he was banned from baseball for defending his rights as a worker.

I think both Miller and FLood should be in the hall. Just an addition.

Javier Gonzalez

Los Angeles, CA

Jul 22 2008 - 5:35pm