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This article should have been a cover story in The Nation--six months ago! Unfortunately, The Nation chose to marginalize Kucinich quite some time ago, and even now, relegates this thoughtful piece to "web only" status. For a progressive publication, The Nation is strangely hostile to actual progressives. For example, Katha Pollit and Eric Alterman will launch tirade after tirade against Ralph Nader for daring to exist outside of the democratic party system, but when a progressive like Kucinich follows their advice and works his way through the primaries, they completely ignore him. No wonder progressives never make any progress.

Chuck Augello

Hillsborough , NJ

Feb 29 2008 - 5:09pm

Web Letter

Steve Cobble's article about Dennis Kucinich was great, but more than a little late. Where was this article when it could have provided supportive insight at a better time, for the best candidate at the time?

Mike McLaren

Arcata, CA

Feb 21 2008 - 5:59pm

Web Letter

Enough words, Send the money He needs and deserves to win re-election.

This is how the Big Boys work, picking off those of us, one by one, who would defend the human rights of people to privacy, healthcare and a decent job.

If we progressives can't or won't defend Kucinich in fact and in deed who the hell are we ?


I sent mine... where's yours ?

Michael McKinlay

Hercules, CA

Feb 21 2008 - 1:02am

Web Letter

The fact that NBC went to court to keep Dennis out of the debates shows how terrified Big Money is of Mr. Kucinich.

It shows the sad state of the United States (sorry--it's true) that a man of such integrity is basically ridiculed.

When Vermont declares that it will arrest the President and Vice President--you know things are bad!

When a Congressman proposes impeachment on solidly justifiable grounds, yet is ignored by the Democratic majority--you know it's bad!

Kucinich and Feingold stand virtually alone on the Democratic Party stage. That's a shame--because they both show the kind of leadership that would restore pride and good standing to the US.

David Ashford

Kingston, NY

Feb 20 2008 - 11:35pm

Web Letter

This does take the form of an elegy but it should be a call to immediate action. Kucinich is facing an election assault as we speak. If he doesn't receive his due support, not only will we not have him in the White House, we won't have him in Congress, for real.

Go to http://kucinich.us/ to help out.

Ryan Croken

Chicago, IL

Feb 20 2008 - 1:59pm

Web Letter

This idea that people disrespect Dennis Kucinich baffles me.

It's a good article, but is it true? Are people so blasé about impeachment that Kucinich's activism in Congress and campaign didn't open their eyes to his presidential platform, which was so vastly better than all the others?

All due respect to the critical importance of this paper in these times, I have a problem with The Nation's often cynical rhetorical snubs and suppositions. They did this with 9/11 Truth, hence I stopped reading it a year ago.

I've neither heard nor read any such "snark" about Dennis's platform or style or integrity. His obscurity was more about his not accepting nor raising a $100 million of corporate graft with which to run some sleazy TV ad campaign to artificially manipulate the brain-dead, ad-addicted, consumerist, electorate. That’s a testament to his vastly greater integrity over Edwards, not the popularity or lack of his positions.

Likely his troubles back home are more about media manipulation of an unthinking, robotically media-controlled anti-intelligent, red-state constituency than anything to do with style, votes in Congress or aptitude. His problems are likely due to the general idiocy of the people, who are ceaselessly convinced by marketing mercenaries and planted smear to vote against their own interest (see "What’s the Matter With Kansas").

J. Schlanger

New York, NY

Feb 20 2008 - 5:10am

Web Letter

I gave Dennis Kucinich his due the best way I know how--I voted for him in the primary in my state. Granted, I live in Michigan, the land of disenfranchised voters who had very few candidates to vote for, but he was my choice all along.

Gerald Frawley

Holly, MI

Feb 19 2008 - 9:15pm

Web Letter

Mr. Cobble has written the piece on Dennis Kucinich that The Nation should have written months ago when it might have counted. Now that Kucinich has withdrawn from the race, it is "safe" to write what many of us out here have known all along. The "snark and abuse" Mr. Cobble refers to appeared not just in the MSM but in Progressive Media (PM) as well. For all their enlightened progressive critiques, none, and that includes The Nation, had the honesty, the courage or the foresight to endorse him when such an endorsement might have made some difference.

Mr. Cobble refers to money from "corporate interests" behind one of Kucinich's opponents in his re-election battle, but fails to point out that his own party's big-cheese national apparatus is apparently not helping him. The corporate interests the author refers to are the same ones that still by and large control the Democratic Party, especially the DLC wing. The party bigwigs, including the current crop of candidates, would breathe a sigh of relief if he lost his seat, for they would no longer be faced with continual reminders of how badly they have betrayed the only progressive agenda that truly addressed the needs of the people for healthcare, job restoration, for a Middle East solution etc., etc. If he is not there, do you honestly think we will hear any more about single-payer health care, or getting out of NAFTA, WTO, let alone adjusting our ME policy, all of which Big Money strongly opposes? And with him out of the race, what happened to the move for impeachment?

When he had no money to buy big media (check out opensecrets.org to see which Dems the big corp. money is going to), when they kept him from the debates, when his own bloody party failed to defend his rights, the only open forum he had left was the PM, and it failed him miserably.

This article appears almost in the form of a eulogy, much as you would give a dear departed friend whose demise you did nothing to prevent and in fact actually abetted, for although it tells us we should treat him with "a bit more respect," it never suggests that we all have a stake in his re-election, let alone telling us how to support him.

What will be interesting to see is how the PM will react should a truly progressive or independent candidate join the fray, but I think we already know the answer to that, now, don't we?

Sue Hammond

North Syracuse, NY

Feb 19 2008 - 5:07pm

Web Letter

The last things "liberals" or "progressives" or the Democractic Party care about is Dennis Kucinich. Systematically marginalized in debates, degraded by every liberal media pundit that got a chance, left for dead with good riddance by every progressive-dreaming captain of political industry, the last thing that is ever going to happen is the Democratic Party or "the liberal media" or even well-meaning "progressives" "giving Dennis his due." None of these people believe in Dennis Kucinich or what he can do for their party or, far more importantly, for this country. To the contrary, their conscious, willful, malicious and deceitful campaign to ridicule & bring him down as far as he could go proves all you need to know about the Democratic Party & issues of fairness. Be still, my liberal dumbstruck heart.

You want to give Dennis Kucinich his due? Watch as this country crumbles at everybody's feet. No doubt Dennis will still be left standing somewhere. I expect his "due" is still a long time comin', and will leave a permanent mark before all is said and done.

Sherlock Debs

San Diego, CA

Feb 19 2008 - 4:12pm

Web Letter

Kucinich's ideas must be scaring corporate interests. If they thought he was ineffective, they would ignore him. America needs his voice in Congress, and he deserves our support.

It occurred to me that these attacks on Kucinich from the right might backfire by bringing more attention to his ideas. The people of his district would have to be extremely stupid not to vote for one of the few politicians they can trust to defend their interests.

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Feb 19 2008 - 2:52pm

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