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The popularity of Obama needs explanation, but to do so requires looking again at the race question. Obama is the Great Black Hope of our white race. He lacks the negative traits some whites associate, rightly or wrongly, with blacks. He will even get the support of whites who are prejudiced against blacks because he provides a way of transcending the problem of race in America. The black underclass will remain, along with the white underclass, but Obama will change our problem from one of race to one of class. Class is either easier to deal with, or it is easier to live with. "The poor you have always with you."

Obama will by his election change the face of America.

Norman Ravitch

Savannah, GA

Feb 16 2008 - 10:48am

Web Letter

Dear Generation O, I have two children that are in your Generation! I am very proud of them! They know that Obama is not right yet for our country. Be careful, too many of you are getting on Obama's bandwagon. We need a President that has experience. Remember when Dad said No and Mom said lets talk about this and see what we can do! Of course we need a change, of course we need Hope. But we need a lot more, we need a real plan. Hillary Clinton (not Bill ) has that plan. You are a smart generation! See through those speeches.

Oh, by the way, my medical cost coverage has gone up 4, 000 percent (yes--4,000 percent)since Bill Clinton left office. Please don't get caught up in the chanting--read the issues or reread the issues. You are a very smart generation, prove it to America.

David Rathfon

Bradford, PA

Feb 15 2008 - 3:41am

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